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Portal 2

This cake is no lie.


I made this for a Portal fanatic's birthday. He's played Portal for awhile now and I thought it would make a fun theme for a cake.

The top “mini” cake is a replica of “the cake is a lie” from the game. It’s a 4” milk chocolate cake with dark chocolate frosting and shaved chocolate outside. The “cherries” on top are Willy Wonka Gobstoppers.


The middle tier is made of 6” milk chocolate oreo cakes with oreo mousse filling. The outside is wrapped in grey marshmallow fondant with edible images for decoration.


Adding Tylose Powder to the fondant helped keep the walls nice and firm. They dried for 2 days before I stuck them on with buttercream. This layer was rainbow sprinkle square cakes with lots of pastry pride mousse on top.

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